Give Your Children the Gift of Freedom that keeps on Growing

The main benefit of Bitcoin is blocking Banks and Governments form counterfeiting the money of the hard working people they serve.

Angelic inspiration motivated millions of Anonymous Benefactors to work tirelessly since December 21 2012 when Divine Providence made it possible for the meek to use Bitcoin keys and enter into the Kingdom of intergenerational Wealth and Abundance.

Even a 5 year old will learn how to start playing with Bitcoin.

All it takes is $3 Dollars to start Learning, Earning and Helping others become as Rich as you will be in the Bitcoin Economy.

The Anonymous Benefactors wanted to be sure that nobody was left out of the Bitcoin Kingdom where cheating is made impossible

They give the wallet free and all you need is 3 Dollars to leave what’s Ceasar’s for Ceasar and start using the Real King of Wealth and Money

The Gates to the Bitcoin Kingdom are wide open 

Even for those too poor to use their last 3 Dollars to start

Here’s How:


The Anonymous Benefactors were inspired by the drawing of the Son of God and the 12 people who gathered to learn.

Each one of them went “fishing” and found 12 others to teach them how to enter into the Bitcoin Kingdom.

This is how Love replaces Fear in the post-apocalyptic Global expansion of the Meek inheriting the Earth and returning to Paradise.

Evil Forces are dragged out of Demonic Islands and end up hanging in their prison cell.

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