Give Your Children the Gift of Freedom that keeps on Growing

The main benefit of Bitcoin is blocking Banks and Governments form counterfeiting the money of the hard working people they serve.

Angelic inspiration motivated millions of Anonymous Benefactors to work tirelessly since December 21 2012 when Divine Providence made it possible for the meek to use Bitcoin keys and enter into the Kingdom of intergenerational Wealth and Abundance.

Even a 5 year old will learn how to start playing with Bitcoin.

Step by step explanation of how the system works

Step 1

Download your Free Bitcoin Wallet and Pay $3 to buy 5,918 SATS.

Ask friends and family to download a wallet each. They don’t have to put any money in the free wallet.

You can send them 500 SATS each and they can send to your other friends 200 or 300 SATS and so on. After a few minutes all of you will realize how easy it is to make Bitcoin transactions.

If some of your friends are willing to put in their free wallet $3 Dollars worth of SATS, it is even better.

Having people register with their own WhatsApp to pay with Dollars for SATS, it will bring you closer to your goal of saving SATS as part of your 4% commission.



Step 2

To qualify for the 4% commission you have to come in with at least 12 registered 3DollarBitcoinwallet users and a minimum amount of $360.

Remember that this Platform pays for most of the fixed costs to subsidize as many working people as possible to enter into the New Economy of Independence and Abundance.

It will not accept anyone coming with fewer than 12 people because some paid more for their wallet.

Now that the person has 12 people and $360 dollars, pays directly the platform in one payment and deposits the SATS in the wallets of the people that he recruited.

The people are now ready to expand the Bitcoin network in the community and recruit 12 more people each.

The first person has $14.40 saved as SATS in his wallet and is ready to start earning a Bitcoin income that can be spent, use in his business or save.


Step 3

With 12 recruits and the $14.40 saved the collaborators qualifies to sell advertising in the and keep most of the money – up to 90% in many cases.

In this Markeplace, business people can advertise with classified ads that are enhanced with social media cross promotions using artificial intelligence and Web page design for advertising buyers.

Step 4

The businesses that advertise in the pay some commission to Social Media Managers that have been trained trained by top experts that give them access to exclusive platforms.

Highly Rated Social Media Managers are very valuable to advertising buyers because they bring more customers and invite Investors to expand their business at a National and then International Level.

The 4th step offer many income steams to Collaborators depending on their location and industry.

One of the main points is that collaborators share fixed costs, and qualify for Group Imports via the platform
that specializes in disruptive innovation, high demand imports that are not available in their area.


Step 5

Case Study of a man who owns a Truck that transports Animals.

He works Exclusively for a Milk Factory that only Sells to Bonlac with an Exclusive contract.

All the way centralized from the top to bottom from a multinational company that owns the milk market of many nations right down to the last villager that doesn’t have to be unemployed in our decentralized system

In the case with the lechera, you have one company that controls every one bellow them.

In a decentralized system, the person who has a cow will sell milk directly to those who need milk to drink or make cheese.

The quality will be better, the price of the milk lower and the owner of the cow will make more profits

Another positive aspect is that the platforms won’t be using the Dollar that is the main reason why the prices keep on going up. They invent pandemics and make wars to have an excuse to create more dollars without a backup. This is why the dollars is losing purchasing power.

They call it inflation but this is the wrong word because inflation doesn’t make the prices go up. But if you have 100 Billion dollars in the economy and add $100 Billion more without adding value, each dollar will be worth 50 cents

Do the calculation. How much does a cow cost and how much milk does it make?

The platform will loan the money to a reliable individual who has security and can demonstrate experience to consistently produce high quality milk.

The person with the cows will have guaranteed sales when he collaborates with the best people who can make high quality cheese, ice cream, yogurt and any other type of milk byproducts.

The investors in the platform will loan money to the every reliable producer.

The producers will sell daily through the person who operates a kiosk in the market.

The community will never buy the Bonlac products that are full of preservatives and stale.

In decentralized markets everyone is a winner and this is what all our platforms are designed to do.

Our platforms eliminate the middle men that control the markets and oppresses the working people.

More Profits
Kiosks in the Market

Bitcoin Price Comparison

The graph shows a comparison between the Dollar and the Bitcoin prices that a year ago were $17,085
On Dec 3 2023 the Bitcoin price is $39,480
download the wallet now!

3 Dollar Bitcoin Wallet

The Anonymous Benefactors wanted to be sure that nobody was left out of the Bitcoin Kingdom where cheating is made impossible.

They give the wallet free and all you need is 3 Dollars to leave what’s Ceasar’s for Ceasar and start using the Real King of Wealth and Money.

The people that have Money are buying up Bitcoin.

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